Since 1994, we have been handling the sound and musical rights of thousands of productions

for Banijay, Mediaset, RAI, Sky TV and many others.

Whatever world you come from,

SOUNDTRACK solves the needs of music and services for your sound dimension.

PROTONES makes the repertoires offered by the Owners and the services provided by the Operators available to Users through a complete, simple and reliable platform.

RENDIcast provides Users with complete and reliable reporting of the musical repertoires used and allows the Owners and their CMOs to monitor the correct fulfilment of copyright duties.

Music publishers, Producers, Labels and Distributors can convey their repertoires to Users through PROTONES.

The Collective Management Organizations of Authors and Publishers, Artists and Producers can control the use of their repertoires licensed through PROTONES and RENDIcast.

On PROTONES, users find all the repertoires and musical services for their productions, from conception to post-production, with a complete, simple and secure platform.

RENDIcast allows Users to fulfil their reporting obligations for the musical rights used in their productions comprehensively and trustworthyly.

Operators and music service providers can offer their services to Users through PROTONES, a complete, reliable, straightforward platform.